Benefits of Sports Massage for Runners

As an athlete, if you aren’t getting sports massage regularly, then you’re only doing half your training. Basically, sports massage plays a crucial role in an athlete’s preparation, especially for runners who usually run over 50 kilometers a week, making it more important for marathoners. Fortnightly or monthly massages come with several benefits, including preventing loss of mobility and injuries, maintaining your body in better condition, and most importantly restoring mobility to all injured muscles or soft tissues. It works through physiological, psychological, and physical processes.

Physiological Benefits

Sports massage can help runners reduce pain in their muscles. Waste products and tension in muscles can sometimes cause pain and massage can help reduce this in several ways – including releasing endorphins, the natural painkillers of the body.

This kind of massage can also help relax both the entire body and muscles. Muscles usually relax through stretching, heat generated, and circulation. When the mechanoreceptors in the muscles get stimulated, they result in reflex relaxation of your muscles.

Psychological Benefits

Invigorating  – If this massage is done using brisk movements can produce an invigorating feeling that prepares the runner psychologically before an event. It also reduces anxiety through the effects of relaxation.

Physical Benefits

Massage helps facilitate pumping of lymphatic fluids and blood around the body and this is very important for athletes. For instance, in damaged or tight muscle tissues as a result of running, massage will help tight muscles to squeeze blood out, depriving the muscle tissues of energy and vital nutrients to repair.

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